SFILEN Request for TPS for Haitian Immigrants

Hon. Janet Napolitano

Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

3801 Nebraska Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20528

Dear Secretary Napolitano:

We are writing you to endorse the call by the Haitian Community in the US, Immigration Lawyer Associations, community and trade unions, and the people of the United States who watch the tragedy in Haiti unfold to support the designation of Haiti for a Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

According to sources, since January 2009 more than 30,000 Haitians have received deportation orders. We ask that you suspend Haitian deportation orders, halt the arrests of these deportees and grant TP to Haitians in the United States. We believe that Haitians fall under the category of policy authorizing the Homeland Security Department to grant protected status to those who cannot safely return to their country because of armed conflict, environmental disaster, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions.

Our organization, San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network (SFILEN) is a collaboration of fourteen (14) community based organizations serving immigrant families in the San Francisco Bay Area and representing a diverse range of ethnic groups. We promote collaborative efforts in all aspects of immigration law and advocacy.

Please fulfill President Barack Obama’s pledge of full support for the Haitian people during these extraordinary and tragic circumstances. Establishing Temporary Protected Status for Haiti is a necessary step to help provide assistance to the Haitian people in the midst of this tragic earthquake.  It would also be consistent with previous U.S. decisions to establish Temporary Protected Status for our Central American and Carribean neighbors who have suffered through similarly serious natural disasters.  Haitian-Americans have historically and consistently contributed to this country’s economy and well being, and if afforded the opportunity for Temporary Protected Status in the United States, will work to support their families for a period of time beyond the immediate tragedy.

We ask that you act immediately and designate Haiti for TPS. Thank you for your consideration and support for the Haitian people.

San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network

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