On June 15, 2012, President Obama announced that individuals who would be eligible for the “DREAM Act” may obtain temporary legal status by applying for deferred action.  Individuals in removal proceedings or subject to a final order of removal can apply.  As of now, this temporary legal relief will not lead to Legal Permanent Residency (green card) or U.S. Citizenship. Deferred action will be given for 2 years and is renewable.  This process is discretionary.  The application will be available after August 15, 2012.

Beware of scams where businesses that are not authorized to practice immigration law say they can help you apply for deferred action.  A “notary” is not an attorney and is not authorized to practice law.  You should consult with a nonprofit immigration agency or licensed immigration attorney before submitting an application for deferred action.

For more information please visit:  http://www.uscis.gov/childhoodarrivals

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