Restoration of the Old – History of SFILEN

Back in 2007, the San Francisco Immigrant Network got started with the this domain name. Its goal, to provide legal services and education to immigrants to San Francisco. As it grew, and the number of immigrants calling San Francisco home also grew, and in 2014 it decided to change its name to match its title. So it gave up this domain and moved to, the domain being an acronym of its full name. When we saw this domain available, we picked it up. By restoring what existed from 2007 to 2014, we serve our mission of maintaining a contemporary history of immigration in the United States.

Besides providing this retrospective, we might add additional content that amplifies and explains immigration in the aughts. But, first we will work on restoring the old content. In restoration, we try to be faithful to the old content, but not necessarily the design. A lot has changed in 15 years on the web. Many older simple html sites can be presented using new web based content management systems that didn’t exist back then, or were just getting going. So look for that here soon.

Meanwhile, you can get in touch if you wish.

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